Red Sand Sea group is registered in Aqaba Jordan since 2005 and recognized both domestically
 and internationally as an innovative specialist in entertainment, leisure, travel, tourism, desert adventure and accommodation, exhibitions management and non-permanent installation within Jordan.
 As well, a services provider for hospitality, catering, beauty, health, and wellness in Aqaba.
 We are ready to add special taste to your stay in Jordan and to bring new experience and new adventure to your stay.”  

Rahayeb Camp

a protected desert wonderland

that has earned the moniker

“The Valley of the Moon” for

its unearthly beauty. 

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Odeh Residence

Enjoy a pleasant stay filled with comfort, tranquility and luxury

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Calamantina crafts a new comfortable, cozy, and light experience for professional woman in the MENA region. 

Our Mission is to deliver the highest level of service and experience around the region, with the objective of having everyone feel beautiful and refreshed on the inside out.

Between the talented people, beautiful setting, location, and natural lighting, we are positive you will fall in love with Calamantina.

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Yousef Afandi

Yousef Afandi is re-imagining the local men’s barbershop experience. The Yousef Afandi brand is inspired by the craft of the barber, and the social experience and tradition of the men’s barbershop, and contemporary urban lifestyle.

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GO Aqaba Travel

Go Aqaba Travel and Tourism certified travel agency was established by Al-Shweikini Company Group in July 2017 and is located right in the heart of Aqaba. At Go Aqaba, we offer extraordinary packages to live an amazing travel experience.

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HYPE Creative Studio

Highlighting our valuable partnership with "Milbes and Eid Creative Consultants," a leader in providing family-based entertainment services to the Jordanian market, we bring excitement and fantasy to the retail industry by creating exceptional installations and customer experiences. In addition from designing and executing customized installations from retail window displays and booths to seasonal large-scale installations, we have also established a distinguished track record in the meticulous planning, execution, and management of booths and exhibitions, further enhancing our capability to deliver comprehensive and exceptional solutions for our clients. Quality remains the hallmark of our work, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect of our projects.  

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Golden Hands Catering

Make an appointment for a free valuation of your property. We visit the property, advise you on a realistic asking price and we explain our way of working.
You can decide in all freedom whether or not you would like to work with us for the sale of your property.

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Today, whether it's the tourism industry, food and beverage, wellness or entertainment, and exhibitions it's all about customer experience and engagement. We believe that engaging customers in memorable experiences is the ultimate secret to any successful project we create.

happy customers
amazing agents
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