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At Red Sand and Sea today, we dream the beloved country of Jordan into rising to the challenges of the 21st century, we strive to mark proud moments for the Jordanian tourism introducing the city of Aqaba worldwide, we would like to invite everyone worldwide to shoot and share the memorable experiences and impressions of Jordan and Aqaba city to be part of helping to promote our beloved country to the world.

Tourism industry is always flexible, we do believe in our touristic products which are created for the customers of varied interests and demands, we have developed several high-quality activities and sporting services. We strive to meet the satisfaction & expectations of wide variety nationalities and international tourism operators.
Welcome to RED Sand & Sea Group

Red Sand & Sea Group is recognized both domestically and internationally as an innovative specialist in entertainment, desert adventure and accommodation, leisure and wellness in the golden triangle specific linking Egypt and Palestine, and to guide you in the whole Jordan.

We are ready to add special taste to your stay in Jordan and to bring new experience and new adventure to your stay.
Our services varies from a relaxing cruise in the Red Sea to a memorable desert adventure and camping in the moon valley (wadi rum), or a breathtaking view from a hot air balloon.

Let us guide you in your stay and taste Jordan in our way

The red sand and sea experience
Showing the treasures of the south!


Aqua Marina Aqaba

A fleet of 5 vessels in the Red Sea for local cruises, diving adventures, water sport activities, dining cruises, live aboard safaris are in your service to enjoy unforgettable experience on the Red Sea!


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Rahayeb Desert Camp

Rahayeb desert Camp is a Bedouin style retreat dedicated to providing guests with an enjoyable desert experience designed to elevate their understanding of the sensitive desert environment.  


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Janna Spa

When its vacation time you need to indulge yourself leaving workday worries far behind, Janna Spa in Aqaba was especially created to provide you with the pampering you need.


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Go Aqaba

Go Aqaba Travel and Tourism was established by Al-Shweikini Company Group in July 2017 and is located right in the heart of Aqaba, In addition to focusing on Aqaba as an international destination.


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